Advertising (Advertising) is a communication medium, one that requires a creative strategy Advertising (Creative Strategy) and presentation creativity (Creative Execution), which is one of the factors critical to creating content or presentation style provides. Feedback has been returned by the target of advertisers.

As advertisers When investors do ad To one side, the results would come back anyway. Whether it’s marketing or sales. The idea and design work is required to define the advertising strategy. Or approaches that are consistent with the purpose of marketing and sales. To be able to communicate directly with advertising purposes. There are other factors that often A variant is of interest to advertisers. And to the marketing mix. Or as we called IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication).

Production of advertising requires skill and understanding of the product and consumer behavior, not less. To be able to create ads that comply with adoption benefits in the areas of marketing and communications. Advertising may make designers must collaborate with marketers, along with the residents.

The principles and procedures to achieve the same goal, that is.

  1. Understanding the problem (Understand the Assignment), because the competition is quite high. Understanding the purpose and goal of the work is so important in the creative process in order to come to a job advertisement that can meet the needs of the employer to meet the objectives.
  2. Study Data (Begin Background Research) as the basis for creating a good ad. For information related to the finest ingredients. The creative ad design, advertising cannot meet the needs of the target audience. The more information the better It allows for creative advertising that resonates with the consumer even more.
  3. Development Strategy (Develop Strategy) so that advertisers can communicate exactly as intended. And the effect on the audience You need to focus on the target audience is. In order to plan how to communicate with images or text. To convince people
  4. Find creative concepts (Search for Creative Concept) is the process of developing new ideas. In order to be used as the main way to create an ad that would attract and recognition.
  5. figured out a way or style of presentation (Figure Out The Execution Details) invented a new style of presentation is different (Execution) to the main idea. The details that need to communicate gtby advertising. To give the audience a clear picture even further.
  6. Advertising Production (Produce The Advertisement) is the last step before being put to use. The production line can be done in several ways. Based on the strategy laid out. Whether filming Printing etc.