Many of you probably wonder and questions that need to be printed using offset printing (Offset Printing) or Digital (Digital Printing) must recommend that before. Print both current quality is quite similar. And standards that despite different form acceptable. Not even with some blue abyss as in the past. Currently, digital printing technology (Digital Printing) was on par with developed capacities. Offset Printing (Offset Printing).

The two types of print quality, add equally. It was a difficult decision for further decision. And data discovery It was exceedingly difficult to understand why this company is bringing to the nature of printing and the pros. Each type of printing For the decision support To work out according to the requirements and cost efficiency at the same time.

Offset printing (Offset Printing).

  • prints on high-profile job. Although digital printing It was developed to be comparable print quality. But digital printing High-quality prints Printing costs were also higher than the same.
  • It can print on a variety of materials such as paper, wood, cloth, leather (some sort of) and plastic.
  • the cost of printing varies inversely with the amount of typing. The cost per print is simply too little, it was great.
  • The modern offset printing. Computer management functions printing plates, resulting in higher quality of work from the past. A computer with printer

Digital printing (Digital Printing)

  • Fast and easy if you want to emphasize the urgency chose digital printing as well.
  • Printing as standard on every page. Since you do not have to control ink And as the offset (Offset Printing), which requires a specialized operator.
  • print fewer copies than its set using digital printing. That good And of course the quality of the experience that the company introduced at the 1000 series, compare the prices between the two types of print jobs into account.
  • Due to the digital print from a computer using the Application Control Printer works with the printing process, such as a printed envelope printing can be used in this Application.
  • Work with Database from the computer, whether it’s Excel Text or Graphic drew different. Print out a Direct Marketing services such as envelope printing in this way, although printed in many series, but if the offset (Offset Printing) is certainly not a cost.